Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The Roaring Silence!

I had a few chores to do outside this afternoon.  After getting what I needed for them, I had to just stop and take in the glory of the beautiful day that He created...

"The silence of Your Presence, Lord-

yet creation hears!
You whisper through the branches and
You catch our "spirit ears."
You make the time more beautiful
than even what appears.
Due Your glory's constancy,
we're never in arrears!

So wealthy, Lord, that I may see You
as the season's change...
so fortunate to know the order
that You prearrange...
so blessed to be Your handiwork,
enveloped in Your palm...
the wealthiest with You beside
conversing in the calm!

So wonderful, the afternoon

in all that You create!
But greater, Lord, to be with You-
the same to celebrate!
Visible, invisible,
the silence and the roar!
The Presence of You, Jesus Christ-
oh, all I want is more!!"

More of Jesus.

I pray that such is at the top of our list this Christmas...and constantly!

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