Saturday, December 5, 2015

The peace of Peace

Peace on earth.  What will it take?  It will surely take more than a season of 30 days.  It certainly takes more than singing Christmas carols.
But what WILL it take?

Peace, o peace that all desire,
why do you evade?
But are you only an 'emotion'
that, somehow, is 'made?'
We know how to obtain it and
maintain the very same,
but most be in denial in that
Peace--He has a Name!

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus-
Prince of Peace is He!
Peace, itself, cannot exist
apart from Christ, the Three!
Surrender to His lordship so
that you can know that peace!
Let go of each agenda and know
Jesus' true release!

What will it take?
I don't want to answer that, because it means that I may have to change.  It means that I may have to think differently. 
Perhaps too many of us want peace without having to know Peace?

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