Saturday, December 19, 2015


The afternoon is 'still.'  Not a cloud in the sky.  A very gentle breeze is present...AND IT'S COLD!
However, just a few miles away, it is so busy that folks are forgetting what this time of year is all about! 
When will we learn?

'Joy to the world' to be resounding
through these living halls...
'The Lord is come' is evidenced
upon the many walls...
'Silent night' is present here
but over hills afar,
there is anything but silence
as the shuffles are!

O make it ye a celebration
of Christ Jesus come!
A 'competition' make it not;
it's NOT about the sum!
The days that are, for they're about
Lord Jesus come for us-
yet we scurry here and there
and it becomes a fuss.

Is it possible at all
to even out the score?
To apply that principle
that tells us "less is more?"
How much more enjoyable
would be the 'holidays?'
Perhaps more people would refer
to them as "holy days?"

The afternoon is still.
I think I'll stay right here with loved ones and enjoy those wonderful gifts that money cannot buy.  Those gifts that are right here...presents that are present whenever we are present.

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