Saturday, December 12, 2015


A humble birth, out in the middle of nowhere?
A baby born...someone anonymous that family and a few friends will ever know?
So it goes with life.  Normal life.
Oh, but this Baby and this life was and is anything but "normal!"
As I ponder the birth of Jesus, it really excites me as I think of some of the details: being so far away from city lights, no metropolis on the horizon in any direction, the stars that night were quite amplified!  Can you just imagine how beautiful, clear and crisp the sky was?!  Almost "holy."

O take me there!  I want to see
the glory of Him come!
O take me there!  Did anyone
there present know the sum!
Hallowed environs as
they travelled from afar;
Hallowed the Baby come
beneath that glory star!

People, why don't we take a break from shopping and scrambling around that the next few weeks represent, find a quiet place somewhere where nothing interrupts, and just listen, look and behold the glory and the wonder of being alone with God?  Trust me, you need it.

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