Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas

In the joy, wonder and life of the season, don't let the facts and fables steal it away...

How beautiful, the birth of Christ,
no matter what we think!
Don't let the many controversies-
let the yuletide sink.
It may not be the date exact,
it may not be the time,
but not to celebrate at all
would be an utter crime!
Too many are the arguments
that matter not at all.
What matters is we celebrate Christ
and obey His call!
The songs that we have held to over
centuries before-
what if God has other words, yes,
what if there is more?

How beautiful is Jesus and

the fact He even came!
At any time at all, sing out
and glorify His Name!
He is holy, He is worthy,
He is Lord of all,
and He is God, Himself--accept Him
and fulfill The Call!

Jesus Christ is born.

It may not have been in the dead of winter.  After all, it isn't winter everywhere in December.  What matters is that He came with one purpose and that is to forgive sins, and save the souls of them that give Him their hearts so that they can have relationship with God.
Merry Christmas.

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