Sunday, December 20, 2015

Making it new again

Lest we get caught up in things that do not matter, go over it with me again, won't you...

Again, the days...the days that are...
"Behold!  There, in the east, a Star!!"
And so began to follow they
the ONE--the Truth, the Life, the Way!

So many are the truths alive
of Christ our Savior to arrive
and be, to us, The Victory!
New life for you!  New life for me!

O magnify the Lord in song!
To God, Himself, shall we belong!
Miracles are happening
of which the hosts of angels sing!
"Who are we??" the heart-felt cry,
belonging unto God Most High
in God Himself--the Holy Son?

The days that are...o celebrate!
God so good and God so great
has come to us this holy Day--
the ONE--the Truth, the Life, the Way!
Much more than words from long ago,
but living Truths for us to know!
Accept ye Jesus in your heart
and stake your claim in glory part!

Of course, they did not know the fullness of what was happening.  Could we even grasp its scope if such went on in our time!  Oh, but this we know, JESUS CHRIST IS LORD AND HE HAS COME TO SAVE OUR SOULS AND GIVE US NEW LIFE!!
Oh celebrate, won't you?

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