Monday, December 21, 2015


Joy to the world!
How wonderful it would be if the world had more joy!

O feel it welling deep within-
you know that feeling well!
Joy in knowing Christ the Lord
is come, is come to dwell!
He comes just as was prophesied
so very long ago-
He comes so life abundant
each and every heart would know!

Joy to the world!  Joy to the heart,
unspeakable the same!
Christmas is reality
and Jesus is His Name!
O breathe that joy so deep within,
release with laughter real!
Let nothing of this fleeting life
that Joy alive conceal!

Joy to the World!  The Lord is come,
and JESUS is His name!
O revel in His life anew-
for that is why He came!
Come that we may have that life
naught else could e'er provide!
Jesus Christ--so wonderful!
O keep Him not inside!

Jesus Christ is alive inside of you?  WONDERFUL!  But do others know it?  They need to!  As we celebrate his coming into the world, won't you share his coming with someone who needs to know?  They are closer to you than you think.  And it will bring joy to their world.

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