Saturday, December 26, 2015

Joy remains!

If I did not have the security I have in God, I would be most miserable right now!
Thankfully, when you are alive in God, never is the "same old...same old..."

Christmas was a day ago...

Christmas is not yet...
So many issues rise that we
together, may not get.
But there is love, there is peace,
there is hope alive!
And I KNOW, in the days ahead,
our loved ones will arrive!

Life--sometimes, it's inconvenient,

we must understand.
We get a phone call that may
interfere with what is planned.
But God, for He knows all along
what will and will not be,
and continue I to trust Him
with my family!

Christmas was...and I know it

will be when it will be!
What matters most is JESUS LIVES,
and safe and sound are we!
Enjoy the moments, every one,
and worship Christ each day!
For He will see we get together
on the Narrow Way.

Debby & I spent Christmas alone yesterday.  We knew that we will all be together in a few days to celebrate Jesus once again...until the phone just rang.  Vicki will not be able to make the trip because of the snows that are hitting the Midwest as I type this.  Please pray for her safety, and for the heartbreak that we are all feeling.

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