Sunday, December 6, 2015

Jesus Celebration!

Celebrate!  Celebrate,
then celebrate some more!
So glorious, this time of year,
and JESUS it is for!!
Activities, they multiply,
so present, too, be stress,
but celebrate with Christ the Lord,
and Jesus--He will bless!!

Yes, celebrate...but even if

your feelings would resist,
do it anyway!  For He
will bless you!  I INSIST!
So vital be His adoration-
healing it will bring!
Restoration is that song,
so sing, ye people, SING!!

O celebrate, ye people, Christmas-

He was...He is...He is to come;
He is Christmas...He his holy...
He is God the Son!
O join the celebration, knowing
Jesus--HE HAS WON!

Focus, people.  Focus on Jesus Christ.  HE IS CHRISTMAS!  The world would have you in a whirl trying to please everyone with everything, when the greatest thing remains us STOPPING and spending quality time with Christ and one another.  Don't let anything hinder that celebration!


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