Friday, December 25, 2015

It's Christmas Day!

Glory to God!!
We celebrate today the birth of Jesus--the coming of the Lord!
But He is no longer just a baby in that manger...HE IS GOD ALMIGHTY, GOD ALL-KNOWING, AND GOD ALL-SUFFICIENT!
He knows what He is doing.  He doesn't need us or anything to accomplish that goal.  However, He allows us to participate in His process that we may know the wonder, joy and glory of it all!
You in?

A tree set up and decorated
in the room somewhere...
anticipating friends and loved ones
that will soon be there...
incredible aromas make
their way throughout the house-
laughter, fun and happiness,
the pain and tears to douse!

But even on that Christmas day
with only she and I,
there be a song inside the heart:
there's also God Most High!
He joins us as we celebrate,
he helps us through the pain,
and He makes sure joy to the world
without restraint will reign!

Yes, joy to the world, and even joy
to be throughout this home!
Though our loved ones, (at the moment,)
have no time to roam,
we will be together soon,
just adding to that joy
that she and I already know-
and NOTHING can destroy!

Debby & I pray that your house contains as much joy, love and contentment as ours does.  We are so blessed. 
We pray that you can enjoy this day by being with them that mean the most to you.
Thank you so much for your prayers and support of this ministry.

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