Sunday, December 27, 2015

Greater than the storm!

When man says 'no,' God may say something else.
I have already told some of you, but God saw to it that our daughter made it home safely today after all! 
Beyond what the weather forecast says...
beyond what common sense says...
even beyond what we see with our eyes, God often says differently.

So faithful when we pray to Him,
He answers us always!
In spite of how we set our hearts,
His ways are not our ways!
Even when this world says 'no,'
He has the final say;
and as we follow in His steps,
He'll keep us on the way!

And once again He answers,
once more does He provide!
How very blessed and fortunate
that He is on our side!
"Thank You, Lord, for answering
and keeping her secure;
thank You, Lord, for helping us,
with victory, to endure!

Debby and I are celebrating.

There are, however, millions in the Midwest who are not celebrating because of injury and damage from these storms.  Please pray for them!  And even here, there are more storms on the way.  We do, however, serve and trust in God...for He is greater than the storm!

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