Thursday, December 17, 2015

"Father God, I want..."

The beginning of another day.
Hmmm...what do I want...

"The sun is reaching out his arms-
I know I will survive!
But God, I want much more than that!
O God, I want to THRIVE!
Manna--it is satisfying
for the "day-to-day,"
but I want to bless so many others
on the Narrow Way!

I want to bless my wife, oh Lord,
in ways I cannot now,
to give to her what she desires;
oh God, You know how...
I want to bless my friend, oh God,
the way he blesses me...
I want to bless a total stranger
that YOU he might see!

Lord, You bless me, You have blessed me,
and You always will.
O use this man to show these people
that You love them still!
Use me to show my friends and family
Your reality!
O Lord, a tool inside Your hand,
but let me always be!

In JESUS' Name,

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