Thursday, December 10, 2015


There are so many 'things' in this life that are 'essential.'  Many a writer and thinker have taught that life is so simple.  It is, IF you take care of the 'essentials...'

I need that living water that

is used upon my thirst...
I need food lest life itself
would start to be reversed!
I need Jesus Christ and all
the life that He can give,
and, lest I throw it all away,
I NEED to forgive!

I need to let go of that 'thing'

that sucks life out of me...
I need to let go of those folks
I do not want to see...
I need to 'those' situations
to, somehow, slip my mind,
so that, the liberty of Jesus,
I can freely find!!
There is no point in hanging on
to what was said and done.
I'd rather let them go and fully
cling to God's Own Son!
There is healing, there is living,
liberation, too,
as I leave behind the past
embracing Christ anew!

Yes, I need that Living Water.

Jesus is His Name!
To quench my thirst--but it is but
one reason that He came!
For He is The Essential--needed
so by one and all;
a Gentleman, though, as He waits
for all our pride to fall!

You need Jesus.  I need Jesus.  He is as essential as water to not only arrive at that life beyond this one, but to help us through every day until then!


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