Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Early in the 'season'

Early, early.  First light.
Before anything else is, I enjoy Jesus...

In the silence, in the stillness,

in the season nigh,
there is a voice I love to hear--
the voice of God Most High!
He is so real in telling me
about the days that are;
and when I pray to Him, I know
the answer is not far!

It is Christmas!  It's the season

of our Savior's birth!
In coming, He once more affirms
how much, to God, we're worth!
Coming as a human to
endure what we cannot;
coming in His purity
to rid us of each blot!

Yes, it is Christmas!  Happy Birthday

unto Jesus Christ!
The only One existing that
could ever have sufficed!
O celebrate Him!  He is Truth,
He's life, He is The Way!
He'll speak to you if you will listen
each and every day!

Yes, listen to Jesus.  He is Christmas, but He is more than 'seasonal.'  He is The Constancy that is needed in the days that are...and throughout eternity!


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