Tuesday, December 8, 2015


Taking care of business.
Doing what must be done before the day is done.  It is heightened now that Christmas is only weeks away.
But must it be ALL business...

Christmas--that most holy time
that most of us enjoy.
Reject the 'stress' that season brings-
for that's the devil's ploy!
There is so much to be glad for,
such cause for celebration-
the greatest is that, now, with God,
we each may have relation!!

Christmas!  Holy, holy time
to gather from afar
them that be so dearly loved...
or them that with you are;
celebrate the wonder and
the joy of Jesus King!
Celebrate the perfect peace
that only He can bring!

CHRISTMAS!  Celebrate each day
the coming of the King!
Join the very angels as
to Him, they brightly sing!
He is Life, He is living,
this life and beyond!
Yes, Christmas be eternal in
the One we place our bond!

Again I implore you, don't let the stress of the season overwhelm you.  That is the LAST thing that Jesus would have, yet it seems to be the thing that most come away with!  Enjoy the time!
Keep it simple.
Keep it genuine.
Keep it festive.

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