Sunday, November 8, 2015


Have you been with God yet today?  Oh yes, I know that He is everywhere at all times, but do you recognize Him while He is there?

In a daily calling to
bless others and bless God,
I raise my pen so letters, lines,
and verses may applaud!
I capture visions of the glory
that's awaiting there,
all the while attempting, His
great eminence to share!
This time, I do so as I watch
the sun kiss every leaf.
Most have started falling now,
(and not to my relief!)
With each moment that is passing
different colors are,
and even more diverse than these shades
are not very far!

Father God, Savior God,
all living to create!
O witness ye His glory and,
His Name, so celebrate!
He is worth the time it takes
to notice living shades...
His is worthy of a visit
as the vesper fades!

Have you visited with Him yet today?
It is certainly my prayer that you spend time with Him before the day is done.  He wants to see and hear from you because He loves you and loves being with you!

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