Friday, November 20, 2015

Time for Glory

Once again, I find myself in need of That Place where Jesus is Present.
Oh, but it is a Place I WANT to be, also...

"Oh God, oh God, Your glory is

my transport to that Place.
The spectacle of  Majesty
as we are face-to-face!
When you look into my eyes, Lord,
all facades, they fade!
And there, when we are heart-to-heart,
holy I am made!
O God, Your Presence glorious
makes all else disappear!
For I want nothing, not a thing at all
when You are near!
Only to enjoy Your presence
as I'm in repair...
only to enjoy the wonder
Your grace is to share!

Greater is Your glory, Lord,
than anything we know!
Your love so liberates our souls
and sets our hearts aglow!
Even, Lord, if just a moment
in your Place, so great,
the same to give me reason to
rejoice and celebrate!"

One of the things I love about belonging to God is His hours.  No matter what time it is, He is available!  And He is there...even if want to just behold His glory!!

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