Sunday, November 15, 2015

The Gamut

Few and far between, there are those days where you run the whole gamut of emotion in a single day.  Today was one of those days.
I woke up this morning to a brand new year with my beautiful wife.
We had a message at church that touched on almost everything that we are going through.
We had a funeral service this afternoon, bidding a very dear friend "See you later!"
And this evening, we are receiving even more news about tragedies going on around the world.

Another year approaches end-
life has happened here.
So very broad the scope to be,
and, at times, unclear!
People come into this life,
each one has effect...
issues rise and fall, each touch
direct or indirect.

Are only good the ones that come
making us feel good?
But do we not learn from those that
we would miss if we could?
God has so enabled us
to endure this life-
in the joy and happiness,
in the grief and strife.

Another day approaches end-
this day has seen it all.
But I retain stability
as, Jesus' Name, I call!
He sees, He knows, He understands,
and faithful, He, always!
And He remains unshakeable
through days!

Stability.  It is something that every saint must possess.  I admit, some have different amounts than others, but it all comes from the same Source!  No matter how your life is going, Jesus is alive and available to assist you.  Don't let anything in this life prevent you from calling Him!

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