Tuesday, November 24, 2015


Thank You.
I appreciate that.
I stand tall and cry out my gratitude to God for the way that He blesses me.  Nothing wrong with that, but I better thank Him for blessing everyone else, too, because I am no better than they are.

"Along with standing tall and crying
out my thanks to You,
I bow down low and cry because
I know You are not through!
You gave me yesterday, oh Lord,
today remains a gift,
and due Your promise of tomorrow,
praises I can lift!!

Thank You, Lord, for blessing me
that others I may bless.
If not for grace, Lord, all or us
would be in quite a mess!
Some of us be in that mess,
but we cling to Your hand
knowing that, no matter what,
You see and understand.

Thank You, Lord, in spite of what
may happen in this life!
You cause me to be grateful even
in the midst of strife.
You cause me, Lord, to smile in spite
of what be on my heart,
because I know You are aware
and YOU WILL do Your part!"

It's Thanksgiving.  Are you thankful?
I know that there are quite a few out there in pain.  You are thankful, but you are also going through things that are far too great for you to bear alone.  Don't!  Turning them over to God is not a sign of weakness.  It takes a very strong person to realize and confess "This is too great for me."
Turn to God.  Turn to Him with a thankful heart.  Give Him yourself and your problem(s) and He will surely respond!

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