Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thanksgiving view

So grateful for LIFE this day!
So grateful that I am able to see this day that HE has made...

The mountain wears a cap of mist

as the eagle soars...
The day is kissed with favor
as the Lord restores;
beautiful to greet the pen
from east unto the west,
and God is at His station
hearing each request!

Overcast before the pen-
behold His touch throughout.
Though vision is to come and go,
I'm not, I'm not without!
Not without a reason for 
to worship and rejoice,                              
and not without hearing life
uplifting its whole voice!

All of life rejoicing-
o join the willing pen
uplifting gratitude to Jesus Christ
in sight of men!
But none in sight as I behold
creation in this hour-
Thanksgiving with Creator God-
gratitude and Power!

Happy Thanksgiving. 
Happy Thursday. 
Happy ALL THE TIME as you and yours reside in the palm of God's hand! 

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