Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Thank you so much!!

What to write about?  Hmm...
Truth be known, there is no limit to writing, but I want it to say something!
I am married to the same woman for 34 years this week!  I should write about her...
I am surrounded by veterans to whom I am ever-grateful!  I should write about them...
I serve God, THE Creator of all and everything!  I should write about Him...
However, I will do what I have done for over 45 years to find out what to write:
"Father God, here I am again, a pen in Your hand.  Speak, oh Lord..."

As the day goes by, each of us have things to do...places to go...people to meet.  But just what do we know about those people?  The ones we know AND the ones we do not know, yet we rub elbows with them every day.

Mixing with a mixture

of folks of every age.
That girl looks just out of school...
but him, a gifted sage...
you cannot always tell which ones
have memories of hell!
You cannot always use the eyes,
a veteran, to tell!

How can I tell, just by looking,

who to give thanks to?
I want to look them in the eye,
shake hands and say "Thank you!"
The effects of battle may
stay hidden deep inside,
but my gratitude for you
I do not want to hide!!
So "THANK YOU!" every veteran
inside my life to be!
And "THANK YOU!" every veteran
that I may never see!
I surely do appreciate
what you've done for this land!
I hope to look into your eyes
and firmly shake your hand!

Yes, so many thing going on in life.  So many things to write about every time I grab this pen.  But I may not always have the opportunity to thank YOU for your service to this country.

"THANK YOU!" to America's veterans!

In HIS Service,

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