Thursday, November 12, 2015

Still in love...

...even after 34 years...

In the purple, red and pink
no moving is to be...
in the mirror just below
what image life to see!!
In the company of God,
Creator of it all,
I am steeled yet again
and, to my knees, I fall.

And in the glory of the even,
one is on my mind.
For decades has she been with me-
together yet we find!
Continues she instructing me
in love and life and such,
and I find myself, even now,
desiring her touch!
How many are the years amassing?
Does it matter, though?
For I love her and she loves me-
that's all we have to know!
For God created her for me
as only Father could;
He looked upon us, even then,
declaring "It is good!"

Yes, one is on my mind and she

will be back in a few.
And when I look into her eyes,
it all becomes anew!
I am so very fortunate
that, in my heart, she lives,
and I'm so blessed, partaking of
the constant love she gives!

Even after 34 years, I cannot wait until she gets back home.  Even if she is only going to town to pick something up, I look forward to seeing her again.

I am so blessed!

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