Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Praise and adoration!

Glory to God in the highest!!
God is so worthy of our praise and adoration.
Even at those moments and times when He is not even on our minds, He is at work arranging those times, seasons and blessings that He has purposed for our lives!

So beautiful, so wonderful,

so ready at our side!
God--He loves us oh so much-
o see Him glorified!
Live your life according to
the moving of His Spirit--
make sure that your heart is in tune
so that you can hear it!
Hear the whisper of His heart
as He is moving deep...
hear the calm assurance of Him
that we all must keep...
hear the peace that passes all
as you converse with Him...
hear the Father, Son and Spirit--
life is each of them!!


Jesus, Jesus Lord!
Lovely, holy, loving, yes,
righteous and adored!
Omnipresent is He as
this life goes on and on...
Reach for Him and cling to Him
before this life is gone!

Before this life is gone...

Who knows when?  Nobody in this life, but this life will certainly be more wonderful with Him in your heart!  Trust me!

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