Monday, November 30, 2015

"On and on and on..."

"The day goes on and on..."
Have you ever felt that way?  Have you ever used those words?
Have you ever thought "What difference does this make.  The day goes on and on, and no one is ever around to encourage us."
But God reminds me

The day goes on and on and I,
I do not stand alone!
While I go about the tasks
my efforts, they are known!
No matter what size is the list
of all that I must do,
I do it all amidst the ones
who cheer me on and through!

The Word, The Word itself declares
that I be not alone:
"So great a cloud of witnesses"
about this man be known
cheering and encouraging,
together all in prayer.
Whatever comes about today,
I've VICTORY to declare!

"So great a cloud of witnesses..."
so glorious, The Word!
So alive--to be devoured,
seen and felt and heard!
Jesus Christ--the Word alive--
as so progress the days
protecting me, progressing me
in ways above my ways!

I know that some of the tasks and duties we have may seem mundane and minus glory, but don't forget Who your true Supervisor is, and that great cloud that cheers you on!  You DO make a difference in this life, as long as you do all things to the glory of God, enabling Him to move through you in all things!

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