Wednesday, November 25, 2015


Many years ago, Pastor Venable reminded us of the benefits and blessings of being somewhere, standing back and watching people.  (It makes for great sermon fodder, and You learn a lot that way!)
This morning, I had another opportunity to see the GOOD in people in action.
A lady in drive-thru said "I want to pay for that car behind me."
"Yes ma'am.  Their order is $2.17."
"Is that all?!" she said.  "Here is $20.00.  Make it go as far as you can."
A few hours later, I had someone pay for their order, and ask to pay for the car behind them.  When I told the car behind them that their order had already been paid for, they said "OK.  Let me pay for the one behind me." And so it went...for the next seven cars!!  Praise God!
It's not just a "Thanksgiving" thing, I see it everyday that I go there.  There is a lady that comes by every day, same time.  She orders the same thing, and then pays for the car behind her.  Last week, there was no one behind her.  She then proceeded to fold the $10.00 bill, put it in my hand, and told me spend on Debby & I.  God is so good!
These may be very minor things in some eyes, but in light of everything we see on the news these days, (and what we are about to see in the name of 'black Friday!') I just wanted to remind you that "good" still happens, most people are nice to each other, and God is still in control...blessing us!
Just stand back and watch. 

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