Sunday, November 1, 2015

Listen to the sight!

The only noise this afternoon is myself as I walk through the fallen leaves.  On occasion, a stray waterfowl goes by...then disappears.
Another glorious autumn creation...

Colors shouting out before
descending to the ground.
November's quilt is as their final
resting place is found.
So brilliant and so beautiful,
reflecting afternoon...
inspiring the poet, once again,
to keep in tune!

The sound of many colors painted
by One only God.
They entertain so briefly, and then
underfoot they're trod!
Captured by the poet on
a Sunday afternoon;
capture it ye for your own-
it will be gone too soon!

If you cannot see what I've written down, try to go to a place where you can find it for yourself and thank God for His artistry!  A painting or a photograph just won't do.

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