Friday, November 27, 2015


Hi! Remember me?
I'm the one at the other end of the phone...
I'm the one across the table from you...
I'm the one you smiled at...
I'm the one you reached out and held even though you didn't know who I was...
I'm the one that you associate with when no one else will...
I'm the one this world calls 'disabled,' but you always see purpose in me...
I'm the one you sat and ate with because the others went to another table...

As we look at you, we wonder
Does she have any clue at all
how much she means to whom?
But thoughts of such, inside her heart,
they have not any room!
Does she have but an inkling
of her affect on life?
All the way around the world
she helps to lessen strife!
Does she realize at all
How God is moving through?
There's evidence of Jesus in
her words and deeds so true!
She is in pain so often.
The hurt--it is so real!
Yet she continues helping others
overcome and heal!
She inspires others by
revealing God to them-
but loving us and listening
we're closer drawn to Him!

"Harriet, my sister,
Harriet, my friend,
you listen and you understand.
Our love shall never end!
That relationship established
by a God of love;
you are His representative
until you're called above!"

Thank you for being who you are.
Thank you for not letting all that happened to you stop you from having such a positive, life-changing effect on me...on southern California...on Arkansas...on the world...on all Heaven!"

In HIS Service,


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