Sunday, November 29, 2015

Gift of 'us'

Thanksgiving is over?  NEVER!!  Let us ever be grateful to God for every facet of our lives at all times!  November, however, is almost over.  How will you spend the next 4 weeks?

The holiday is over,
The holy day ahead.
O may we focus on the Lord
and on His birth instead!
So many the distractions that
the world calls "season,"
but let us cling to JESUS CHRIST-
the One and Greatest reason!

The busyness, it seems to rise
but sooner every year!
Let's not get caught up in it, let's
keep our agendas clear.
Let the giving and the getting
not become a 'sport-'
but, unto 'giving from the heart,'
may each of us resort!

I do not have the means to keep up
with consumption's lie.
When will we realize that it
is o.k. not to try!
I'd rather you 'spend' time with me-
it needs no warranty!
You and I and Jesus Christ-
that's Christmas unto me!

Is there someone in your life that would rather get a phone call from you than a gift?

Are there any in your life that would rather hear your voice than get a card?
This Christmas--and all year--let's give each other something that money cannot buy: ourselves.

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