Wednesday, November 18, 2015


"That's them!  I don't want to eat here if they are here!!  NO WAY!!  THE SAME TABLE?!"

Dining at the table,

the enemy across.
If, on the discord, I should dwell
the meal be a loss.
If I should think not of the pain,
iniquities dismiss,
the moments I will tolerate,
the meal we won't miss!

I've been with Jesus since it happened,
Christ has been with me;
and, though a common ground is yet
to find, is yet to see,
somehow, here at the table are we
able to converse.
The injury and pain may drift,
behind, though, be the worse!

Dining at a table
with the enemy?
Once again, somehow, though we
don't understand or see,
I can speak to him and we
can savor time once more.
The enemy is truly he?
But there's an Open Door!

Whatever that is that is causing you to avoid someone, is it worth it?

"But God, have You any idea what they've done and gotten away with?!?"
Yes.  God is fully aware of ALL that happened and He already knows what He will do about it.  What WE must do about it is what Jesus would do and commands us to do.
Whatever/whoever angers you controls you.  Will you give up control?

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