Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Dangerous pain.

There is a pain that no 'medicine' can treat.
In fact, the root cause of the pain is often something undetected at first.  Then, just a fleeting thought...then something that you may spend a few minutes dwelling on.  Eventually, if you let it, the pain can completely consume you.
It's bitterness.

"What are you doing here again?
I thought I dealt with you.
Have you come back to lie to me?
I found out you're untrue!
I do not even have to speak to you!
I speak the Name of JESUS CHRIST--
for even me He came!
And by the Power of His Name
you're a defeated foe!
For He is dwelling in my heart,
thus victory I know!
What are you doing here again?

"BE GONE FROM ME!!" I cry;
with Jesus as my Savior, such
authority have I!"

Many of us are acquainted with pain.  Some of us suffer from things that cannot even be treated yet with medicine.  Then there are some that are going through pain that requires the touch of One Who is greater than medicine.
Are you one of those in need of that touch?
Ask God to deliver you from that bitterness and ask Him what to do to get it out of your life!
I'm glad I did.
You'll be glad you did, too!

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