Saturday, November 7, 2015


In the beauty of the darkness,
naught to interfere...
in the rumble of the silence
o so much to hear...
in the wealth of stars and planets
fascination reigns!
And God, creator of it ALL,
He holds the very reins!

He is the Maker of that which
so fascinates the soul!
He is the Author and Creator-
He has all control!
Too, He is the only One
to understand each heart-
He's not too great to minister,
your healing to impart!

I view the glory of the midnight
with Him at my side!
The emotion of the moment
be intensified!
God, Creator, Savior, Friend
just spending time with us...
further proving we are not
just "miscellaneous!"

No, you are NOT 'miscellaneous.'  God knows exactly who you are and where you are, and He has a purpose for you!  That may be hard to believe as you look up into the night sky, but it is established truth!
Please don't ever take His love or the life He gives for granted.

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