Tuesday, November 17, 2015

At Your side

Tuesday night.
It's already been a long week.
So emotional...so draining...so busy...I need an escape.
I know exactly where to go and Who to be with!

"At your side, dear Lord.
Worshipped and adored!
Your peace, Your grace are real;
oh Lord, I need to feel.
This life, as well, so real.
To You, thus, I appeal!
I want Your Presence here-
real love so near!

At Your side, protection is,

serenity also;
at Your side there is emotion
words just cannot know!
At Your side, there is so much
that, freely, I receive!
At Your side is life abundant
for ALL who believe!

At Your side, my God and King,

but You are at my own!
You accompany this man
and I be not alone,
for I be resurrected when
the day would tear me down 
because You are inside my heart
and Your love be my crown!"

Tuesday night.  I can make it.  YOU can make it!  I know that the days are filled with things that none of us plan on, but I also know a God Who is aware of EVERYTHING AT ALL TIMES!  It is Him that I trust in, rely on, depend on and love!

Join me, won't you?

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