Monday, November 16, 2015

Another gone

Once again, I open the paper this morning to find the obituary of another beloved hero.  AGAIN?!!

Heaven once more calls.
Another hero falls.
The number of his days
were far above our ways!
Some of those days were spent
exactly as were meant:
next to me slowly walking.

Max is now with God.

His life do we applaud.
His military time...
not every day had rhyme!
Some days were full of pain,
and I have godly gain
by being in those days
and helping him to praise.

Often, I was on the other end of the phone while that pain was happening.  Sometimes, I didn't even know the extent of it!
I share this with you to encourage you to keep yourself available to the moving of Holy Spirit.  Were it not for His leading, I may not have been able to be there for Max.  Is there someone in your life that may be waiting to hear from you?

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