Monday, November 30, 2015

"On and on and on..."

"The day goes on and on..."
Have you ever felt that way?  Have you ever used those words?
Have you ever thought "What difference does this make.  The day goes on and on, and no one is ever around to encourage us."
But God reminds me

The day goes on and on and I,
I do not stand alone!
While I go about the tasks
my efforts, they are known!
No matter what size is the list
of all that I must do,
I do it all amidst the ones
who cheer me on and through!

The Word, The Word itself declares
that I be not alone:
"So great a cloud of witnesses"
about this man be known
cheering and encouraging,
together all in prayer.
Whatever comes about today,
I've VICTORY to declare!

"So great a cloud of witnesses..."
so glorious, The Word!
So alive--to be devoured,
seen and felt and heard!
Jesus Christ--the Word alive--
as so progress the days
protecting me, progressing me
in ways above my ways!

I know that some of the tasks and duties we have may seem mundane and minus glory, but don't forget Who your true Supervisor is, and that great cloud that cheers you on!  You DO make a difference in this life, as long as you do all things to the glory of God, enabling Him to move through you in all things!

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Gift of 'us'

Thanksgiving is over?  NEVER!!  Let us ever be grateful to God for every facet of our lives at all times!  November, however, is almost over.  How will you spend the next 4 weeks?

The holiday is over,
The holy day ahead.
O may we focus on the Lord
and on His birth instead!
So many the distractions that
the world calls "season,"
but let us cling to JESUS CHRIST-
the One and Greatest reason!

The busyness, it seems to rise
but sooner every year!
Let's not get caught up in it, let's
keep our agendas clear.
Let the giving and the getting
not become a 'sport-'
but, unto 'giving from the heart,'
may each of us resort!

I do not have the means to keep up
with consumption's lie.
When will we realize that it
is o.k. not to try!
I'd rather you 'spend' time with me-
it needs no warranty!
You and I and Jesus Christ-
that's Christmas unto me!

Is there someone in your life that would rather get a phone call from you than a gift?

Are there any in your life that would rather hear your voice than get a card?
This Christmas--and all year--let's give each other something that money cannot buy: ourselves.

Friday, November 27, 2015


Hi! Remember me?
I'm the one at the other end of the phone...
I'm the one across the table from you...
I'm the one you smiled at...
I'm the one you reached out and held even though you didn't know who I was...
I'm the one that you associate with when no one else will...
I'm the one this world calls 'disabled,' but you always see purpose in me...
I'm the one you sat and ate with because the others went to another table...

As we look at you, we wonder
Does she have any clue at all
how much she means to whom?
But thoughts of such, inside her heart,
they have not any room!
Does she have but an inkling
of her affect on life?
All the way around the world
she helps to lessen strife!
Does she realize at all
How God is moving through?
There's evidence of Jesus in
her words and deeds so true!
She is in pain so often.
The hurt--it is so real!
Yet she continues helping others
overcome and heal!
She inspires others by
revealing God to them-
but loving us and listening
we're closer drawn to Him!

"Harriet, my sister,
Harriet, my friend,
you listen and you understand.
Our love shall never end!
That relationship established
by a God of love;
you are His representative
until you're called above!"

Thank you for being who you are.
Thank you for not letting all that happened to you stop you from having such a positive, life-changing effect on me...on southern California...on Arkansas...on the world...on all Heaven!"

In HIS Service,


Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thanksgiving view

So grateful for LIFE this day!
So grateful that I am able to see this day that HE has made...

The mountain wears a cap of mist

as the eagle soars...
The day is kissed with favor
as the Lord restores;
beautiful to greet the pen
from east unto the west,
and God is at His station
hearing each request!

Overcast before the pen-
behold His touch throughout.
Though vision is to come and go,
I'm not, I'm not without!
Not without a reason for 
to worship and rejoice,                              
and not without hearing life
uplifting its whole voice!

All of life rejoicing-
o join the willing pen
uplifting gratitude to Jesus Christ
in sight of men!
But none in sight as I behold
creation in this hour-
Thanksgiving with Creator God-
gratitude and Power!

Happy Thanksgiving. 
Happy Thursday. 
Happy ALL THE TIME as you and yours reside in the palm of God's hand! 

Wednesday, November 25, 2015


Many years ago, Pastor Venable reminded us of the benefits and blessings of being somewhere, standing back and watching people.  (It makes for great sermon fodder, and You learn a lot that way!)
This morning, I had another opportunity to see the GOOD in people in action.
A lady in drive-thru said "I want to pay for that car behind me."
"Yes ma'am.  Their order is $2.17."
"Is that all?!" she said.  "Here is $20.00.  Make it go as far as you can."
A few hours later, I had someone pay for their order, and ask to pay for the car behind them.  When I told the car behind them that their order had already been paid for, they said "OK.  Let me pay for the one behind me." And so it went...for the next seven cars!!  Praise God!
It's not just a "Thanksgiving" thing, I see it everyday that I go there.  There is a lady that comes by every day, same time.  She orders the same thing, and then pays for the car behind her.  Last week, there was no one behind her.  She then proceeded to fold the $10.00 bill, put it in my hand, and told me spend on Debby & I.  God is so good!
These may be very minor things in some eyes, but in light of everything we see on the news these days, (and what we are about to see in the name of 'black Friday!') I just wanted to remind you that "good" still happens, most people are nice to each other, and God is still in control...blessing us!
Just stand back and watch. 

Tuesday, November 24, 2015


Thank You.
I appreciate that.
I stand tall and cry out my gratitude to God for the way that He blesses me.  Nothing wrong with that, but I better thank Him for blessing everyone else, too, because I am no better than they are.

"Along with standing tall and crying
out my thanks to You,
I bow down low and cry because
I know You are not through!
You gave me yesterday, oh Lord,
today remains a gift,
and due Your promise of tomorrow,
praises I can lift!!

Thank You, Lord, for blessing me
that others I may bless.
If not for grace, Lord, all or us
would be in quite a mess!
Some of us be in that mess,
but we cling to Your hand
knowing that, no matter what,
You see and understand.

Thank You, Lord, in spite of what
may happen in this life!
You cause me to be grateful even
in the midst of strife.
You cause me, Lord, to smile in spite
of what be on my heart,
because I know You are aware
and YOU WILL do Your part!"

It's Thanksgiving.  Are you thankful?
I know that there are quite a few out there in pain.  You are thankful, but you are also going through things that are far too great for you to bear alone.  Don't!  Turning them over to God is not a sign of weakness.  It takes a very strong person to realize and confess "This is too great for me."
Turn to God.  Turn to Him with a thankful heart.  Give Him yourself and your problem(s) and He will surely respond!

Friday, November 20, 2015

Time for Glory

Once again, I find myself in need of That Place where Jesus is Present.
Oh, but it is a Place I WANT to be, also...

"Oh God, oh God, Your glory is

my transport to that Place.
The spectacle of  Majesty
as we are face-to-face!
When you look into my eyes, Lord,
all facades, they fade!
And there, when we are heart-to-heart,
holy I am made!
O God, Your Presence glorious
makes all else disappear!
For I want nothing, not a thing at all
when You are near!
Only to enjoy Your presence
as I'm in repair...
only to enjoy the wonder
Your grace is to share!

Greater is Your glory, Lord,
than anything we know!
Your love so liberates our souls
and sets our hearts aglow!
Even, Lord, if just a moment
in your Place, so great,
the same to give me reason to
rejoice and celebrate!"

One of the things I love about belonging to God is His hours.  No matter what time it is, He is available!  And He is there...even if want to just behold His glory!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015


"That's them!  I don't want to eat here if they are here!!  NO WAY!!  THE SAME TABLE?!"

Dining at the table,

the enemy across.
If, on the discord, I should dwell
the meal be a loss.
If I should think not of the pain,
iniquities dismiss,
the moments I will tolerate,
the meal we won't miss!

I've been with Jesus since it happened,
Christ has been with me;
and, though a common ground is yet
to find, is yet to see,
somehow, here at the table are we
able to converse.
The injury and pain may drift,
behind, though, be the worse!

Dining at a table
with the enemy?
Once again, somehow, though we
don't understand or see,
I can speak to him and we
can savor time once more.
The enemy is truly he?
But there's an Open Door!

Whatever that is that is causing you to avoid someone, is it worth it?

"But God, have You any idea what they've done and gotten away with?!?"
Yes.  God is fully aware of ALL that happened and He already knows what He will do about it.  What WE must do about it is what Jesus would do and commands us to do.
Whatever/whoever angers you controls you.  Will you give up control?

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

At Your side

Tuesday night.
It's already been a long week.
So busy...I need an escape.
I know exactly where to go and Who to be with!

"At your side, dear Lord.
Worshipped and adored!
Your peace, Your grace are real;
oh Lord, I need to feel.
This life, as well, so real.
To You, thus, I appeal!
I want Your Presence here-
real love so near!

At Your side, protection is,

serenity also;
at Your side there is emotion
words just cannot know!
At Your side, there is so much
that, freely, I receive!
At Your side is life abundant
for ALL who believe!

At Your side, my God and King,

but You are at my own!
You accompany this man
and I be not alone,
for I be resurrected when
the day would tear me down 
because You are inside my heart
and Your love be my crown!"

Tuesday night.  I can make it.  YOU can make it!  I know that the days are filled with things that none of us plan on, but I also know a God Who is aware of EVERYTHING AT ALL TIMES!  It is Him that I trust in, rely on, depend on and love!

Join me, won't you?

Monday, November 16, 2015

Another gone

Once again, I open the paper this morning to find the obituary of another beloved hero.  AGAIN?!!

Heaven once more calls.
Another hero falls.
The number of his days
were far above our ways!
Some of those days were spent
exactly as were meant:
next to me slowly walking.

Max is now with God.

His life do we applaud.
His military time...
not every day had rhyme!
Some days were full of pain,
and I have godly gain
by being in those days
and helping him to praise.

Often, I was on the other end of the phone while that pain was happening.  Sometimes, I didn't even know the extent of it!
I share this with you to encourage you to keep yourself available to the moving of Holy Spirit.  Were it not for His leading, I may not have been able to be there for Max.  Is there someone in your life that may be waiting to hear from you?

Sunday, November 15, 2015

The Gamut

Few and far between, there are those days where you run the whole gamut of emotion in a single day.  Today was one of those days.
I woke up this morning to a brand new year with my beautiful wife.
We had a message at church that touched on almost everything that we are going through.
We had a funeral service this afternoon, bidding a very dear friend "See you later!"
And this evening, we are receiving even more news about tragedies going on around the world.

Another year approaches end-
life has happened here.
So very broad the scope to be,
and, at times, unclear!
People come into this life,
each one has effect...
issues rise and fall, each touch
direct or indirect.

Are only good the ones that come
making us feel good?
But do we not learn from those that
we would miss if we could?
God has so enabled us
to endure this life-
in the joy and happiness,
in the grief and strife.

Another day approaches end-
this day has seen it all.
But I retain stability
as, Jesus' Name, I call!
He sees, He knows, He understands,
and faithful, He, always!
And He remains unshakeable
through days!

Stability.  It is something that every saint must possess.  I admit, some have different amounts than others, but it all comes from the same Source!  No matter how your life is going, Jesus is alive and available to assist you.  Don't let anything in this life prevent you from calling Him!

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Hearts know no distance

Answered prayer.  But are they not ALL answered?

In an amount of time that only
God could understand,
something happens causing great
disaster on the land.
Within moments, within seconds
someone celebrates?
At that moment, the human race
once more degenerates.

Tonight, our hearts are heavy for our friends and loved ones in Paris.  Please pray for them.  God will respond.
Don't give up on God.  He DOES answer every prayer.  We just may not know what that answer will be until we are with Him.

In HIS Service,


Thursday, November 12, 2015

Still in love...

...even after 34 years...

In the purple, red and pink
no moving is to be...
in the mirror just below
what image life to see!!
In the company of God,
Creator of it all,
I am steeled yet again
and, to my knees, I fall.

And in the glory of the even,
one is on my mind.
For decades has she been with me-
together yet we find!
Continues she instructing me
in love and life and such,
and I find myself, even now,
desiring her touch!
How many are the years amassing?
Does it matter, though?
For I love her and she loves me-
that's all we have to know!
For God created her for me
as only Father could;
He looked upon us, even then,
declaring "It is good!"

Yes, one is on my mind and she

will be back in a few.
And when I look into her eyes,
it all becomes anew!
I am so very fortunate
that, in my heart, she lives,
and I'm so blessed, partaking of
the constant love she gives!

Even after 34 years, I cannot wait until she gets back home.  Even if she is only going to town to pick something up, I look forward to seeing her again.

I am so blessed!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Thank you so much!!

What to write about?  Hmm...
Truth be known, there is no limit to writing, but I want it to say something!
I am married to the same woman for 34 years this week!  I should write about her...
I am surrounded by veterans to whom I am ever-grateful!  I should write about them...
I serve God, THE Creator of all and everything!  I should write about Him...
However, I will do what I have done for over 45 years to find out what to write:
"Father God, here I am again, a pen in Your hand.  Speak, oh Lord..."

As the day goes by, each of us have things to do...places to go...people to meet.  But just what do we know about those people?  The ones we know AND the ones we do not know, yet we rub elbows with them every day.

Mixing with a mixture

of folks of every age.
That girl looks just out of school...
but him, a gifted sage...
you cannot always tell which ones
have memories of hell!
You cannot always use the eyes,
a veteran, to tell!

How can I tell, just by looking,

who to give thanks to?
I want to look them in the eye,
shake hands and say "Thank you!"
The effects of battle may
stay hidden deep inside,
but my gratitude for you
I do not want to hide!!
So "THANK YOU!" every veteran
inside my life to be!
And "THANK YOU!" every veteran
that I may never see!
I surely do appreciate
what you've done for this land!
I hope to look into your eyes
and firmly shake your hand!

Yes, so many thing going on in life.  So many things to write about every time I grab this pen.  But I may not always have the opportunity to thank YOU for your service to this country.

"THANK YOU!" to America's veterans!

In HIS Service,

Sunday, November 8, 2015


Have you been with God yet today?  Oh yes, I know that He is everywhere at all times, but do you recognize Him while He is there?

In a daily calling to
bless others and bless God,
I raise my pen so letters, lines,
and verses may applaud!
I capture visions of the glory
that's awaiting there,
all the while attempting, His
great eminence to share!
This time, I do so as I watch
the sun kiss every leaf.
Most have started falling now,
(and not to my relief!)
With each moment that is passing
different colors are,
and even more diverse than these shades
are not very far!

Father God, Savior God,
all living to create!
O witness ye His glory and,
His Name, so celebrate!
He is worth the time it takes
to notice living shades...
His is worthy of a visit
as the vesper fades!

Have you visited with Him yet today?
It is certainly my prayer that you spend time with Him before the day is done.  He wants to see and hear from you because He loves you and loves being with you!

Saturday, November 7, 2015


In the beauty of the darkness,
naught to interfere...
in the rumble of the silence
o so much to hear...
in the wealth of stars and planets
fascination reigns!
And God, creator of it ALL,
He holds the very reins!

He is the Maker of that which
so fascinates the soul!
He is the Author and Creator-
He has all control!
Too, He is the only One
to understand each heart-
He's not too great to minister,
your healing to impart!

I view the glory of the midnight
with Him at my side!
The emotion of the moment
be intensified!
God, Creator, Savior, Friend
just spending time with us...
further proving we are not
just "miscellaneous!"

No, you are NOT 'miscellaneous.'  God knows exactly who you are and where you are, and He has a purpose for you!  That may be hard to believe as you look up into the night sky, but it is established truth!
Please don't ever take His love or the life He gives for granted.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Dangerous pain.

There is a pain that no 'medicine' can treat.
In fact, the root cause of the pain is often something undetected at first.  Then, just a fleeting thought...then something that you may spend a few minutes dwelling on.  Eventually, if you let it, the pain can completely consume you.
It's bitterness.

"What are you doing here again?
I thought I dealt with you.
Have you come back to lie to me?
I found out you're untrue!
I do not even have to speak to you!
I speak the Name of JESUS CHRIST--
for even me He came!
And by the Power of His Name
you're a defeated foe!
For He is dwelling in my heart,
thus victory I know!
What are you doing here again?

"BE GONE FROM ME!!" I cry;
with Jesus as my Savior, such
authority have I!"

Many of us are acquainted with pain.  Some of us suffer from things that cannot even be treated yet with medicine.  Then there are some that are going through pain that requires the touch of One Who is greater than medicine.
Are you one of those in need of that touch?
Ask God to deliver you from that bitterness and ask Him what to do to get it out of your life!
I'm glad I did.
You'll be glad you did, too!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Praise and adoration!

Glory to God in the highest!!
God is so worthy of our praise and adoration.
Even at those moments and times when He is not even on our minds, He is at work arranging those times, seasons and blessings that He has purposed for our lives!

So beautiful, so wonderful,

so ready at our side!
God--He loves us oh so much-
o see Him glorified!
Live your life according to
the moving of His Spirit--
make sure that your heart is in tune
so that you can hear it!
Hear the whisper of His heart
as He is moving deep...
hear the calm assurance of Him
that we all must keep...
hear the peace that passes all
as you converse with Him...
hear the Father, Son and Spirit--
life is each of them!!


Jesus, Jesus Lord!
Lovely, holy, loving, yes,
righteous and adored!
Omnipresent is He as
this life goes on and on...
Reach for Him and cling to Him
before this life is gone!

Before this life is gone...

Who knows when?  Nobody in this life, but this life will certainly be more wonderful with Him in your heart!  Trust me!

Monday, November 2, 2015


". . . speaking to one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody with your heart to the Lord."  (Ephesians 5:19)

Sing that song within the heart!
O sing without reserve!
The Lord, the song, it is about-
His praises to deserve!
The glory and the majesty
make melody supreme!
For there be none to disappoint
when voices all redeem!
"When voices all redeem..."
"When voices all redeem..."
Naught be there to judge when that song,
from the heart, would stream!
For God, He is your audience,
and always He to smile!
O sing to Him that in your heart
and be with Him awhile!

Yes, sing that song inside the heart
like no one else can hear!
For then your truest heart be known,
and motives be so clear!
He cares not how the sound may be,
He cares about the cause!
The Father, Son and Spirit then
providing the applause!

The Word itself is replete with commands to sing to the Lord...and examples of such!!  No matter what situation you are in, singing to Him will minister to Him AND to you, and it just might deliver you from that place!

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Listen to the sight!

The only noise this afternoon is myself as I walk through the fallen leaves.  On occasion, a stray waterfowl goes by...then disappears.
Another glorious autumn creation...

Colors shouting out before
descending to the ground.
November's quilt is as their final
resting place is found.
So brilliant and so beautiful,
reflecting afternoon...
inspiring the poet, once again,
to keep in tune!

The sound of many colors painted
by One only God.
They entertain so briefly, and then
underfoot they're trod!
Captured by the poet on
a Sunday afternoon;
capture it ye for your own-
it will be gone too soon!

If you cannot see what I've written down, try to go to a place where you can find it for yourself and thank God for His artistry!  A painting or a photograph just won't do.