Saturday, October 17, 2015

White River morning

Saturday morning.  Early.
Walking along the banks of the river.  I can't believe how high and fast it is today!
The river is framed this morning by the palette of autumn.  One at a time, the leaves let go and jump into the water.  On occasion, a gentle breath will cause them to let go in number, all to land on the rapidly moving face of the water...only the beginning of their final journey.
Autumn on the White River.  Cotter behind...Buffalo City all along the way.  God's incredible creation!
The leaves are not the only busy ones.  Trout are jumping also...constantly!  I brought a pen, though, instead of a pole.  I'm here to catch words...

The current appears perilous

going 'round the bend!
The gentle and the fragile, they have
no way to defend.
How to photograph it all
with letters, words and verse?
Graphically to capture all
the river would immerse!

Such is not at all the norm-

tranquility should be!
The same remaining fascinating
unto such as we!
How to tame the verses and not
let the current rule?
It takes more discipline than I
obtained in writing school!

Why temper, though, the words of God's

incredible creation?
But give Him glory for the same
and make it celebration!
So wild and so wonderful-
the power of the White!
So original, my God,
for in Him I delight!!

Delight yourself in God as you behold the wonder of His handiwork!  Do not limit Him, because, I promise, He will break out of ANY box you put Him in!  Only behold Him and let your heart sing out His praise!


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