Tuesday, October 13, 2015

What a mess!

Just turn on the TV...open up the newspaper...listen to the radio...really?  What about looking in the mirror?

What a sinful mess, oh Lord,
this world has become!
You've given to us everything
and look now at the sum!
That which You have made as 'perfect'
men have deemed 'corrupt;
yet, Lord, when we have turned to You
You've come and You have supped.

No matter, Lord, how far I stray,
Your love, it reaches yet.
So perfect--rein so merciful
it never can forget!
It knows the sin that I have done
but it cannot recall?!
I do not understand, oh Lord,
but I surrender all!

Give ear unto my prayer, I cry,
extend Your grace to all.
E'en them that turn their backs on You
that need You most of all!
I KNOW that You, Lord, are sufficient
even for this mess;
lead us, oh God, to each repent
so You will always bless!"

I read the words of David in Psalm 17 and I realize that the older that Book gets, the more solid becomes The Truth that it is!
"Lord Jesus, I repent.  Please forgive me."

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