Friday, October 16, 2015

Unchanging God

Wonderful, glorious, marvelous God!  He makes all things beautiful!  Only He can take the situations that this life creates and bring something good out of them.
Have you discovered that yet?

Again, again, I do not understand!
This thing that won't fit in my hand!
But God, but God is fully in control,
and He will guarantee His sovereign goal!

This thing that is, for it is known to Him.
And though my attitude may rise and dim,
God, He changes not; He will not fail!
His purposes and plans, they shall prevail!

So many things are happening around.
I must remain secure and on the ground!
I can only do that in His arms.
He will protect and keep me from all harms!

Just the other day I wrote about not being able to understand.  Yet again today there are things happening in this place and in others' lives that are still impossible for us to grasp!  But that's what God is for!  His arms are open wide toward us.  RUN TO HIM!!  Give Him those situations and He will replace them with His peace!

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