Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Them that trust

God is so good!  He is so loving, kind, generous and merciful to them that trust Him to be their Savior!

Praise God!  O great Provider He

in every part of living!
O worship Him with all you are,
He gives and keeps on giving!
Give to Him all that you can,
you cannot out-give God!
But know that, as you do, this world
will think of you quite odd!
Odd...in that your wealth is based
on what you give away?
Odd..in that communication

is more than what you "say?"
Odd...in so many other aspects

of this fleeting life...
Odd...for believing in One Who
delivers from all strife!

Odd...so is the writer that

you're reading even now!
I cling to that Provider God,
and such to be my vow!
I know that He takes care of me,
I know He always will,
and I will praise His mighty Name
the end of age until!

And it is my desire that you would depend on Him, too!  He is able to support me AND you...and you...and you...and...EVERYONE WHO TRUSTS IN HIM!  Give Him that chance.  He is more than able!


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