Saturday, October 10, 2015


I cast my cares on Him Who cares,
Who cares for even me!
He's greater than the issues that,
so clearly, I can see.
He is above the controversies
in this world so rife!
He is Jesus.  He is love.
He is abundant life!

"The issues that affect this world
are temporary so.
Some men thrive on controversy;
God, they do not know!
I must exemplify the love,
the true love that You are!
A hug, and not an argument,
will go so very far!"

I cast my cares on Jesus Christ,
He cares for even me.
He cares that I share His great love
with everyone I see!
Regardless of their 'then' or 'now,'
no matter their belief,
that I example Jesus to them
is so very chief!

So very busy are them that major in argument.  Unfortunately, some are even busy with such inside the church.  But God would have it not be so!!  The devil started it!  All the way back in the Garden, Satan asked "Hath God really said....?"  We must cling to The Truth today more than ever, as there are so many lies attempting to sway even the very elect!


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