Monday, October 12, 2015

The man

There is a battle going on.
If you are not aware of it, then pray for those who are, because I guarantee they are praying for you!

There stands the man--God's chosen one--
He needs our prayers always!
He listens to our aches and pains,
then teaches us to praise.
Advising and encouraging
according to God's plan;
due God's undying love and grace
for us there stands the man!

There stands the man--God's anointed--
with a word in season.
Somewhere in his sermon we
may glean an hidden reason
spoken to us through a man,
revealed, though, in spirit.
There stands the man with a message--
how many will hear it?

There stands the man--o pray for him
each day and often, too!
Knowing that he talks to God
each day and often for you!
O pray for him!  He is a warrior,
and the battle rages!
That man, for he belongs to God
and, fully, he engages!

The man.  What man?  That one that stands in the pulpit...faithfully...week after week telling us what God has told him to say.
There is a battle going on.  It goes on around us and in heavenly places!  That man needs our prayers to be able to stay in touch and keep us abreast of the tactics that abound!
Pray for your pastor.  Pray for your priest.  They need it more than you can know!

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