Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The First Night

Upon arrival, we were blessed to be able to sit on the porch and behold...nothing?  The only lights were the stars and the lightning...the only noise was the bugs and the animals...
Boring to some; exciting to others:

Silence in the hills,
motionless at last!
Finally to savor Him
and not at all too fast!
Listening to what He says,
knowing I am heard;
for even in the silence is
the glory of The Word!

The glory of The Word
throughout creation heard!
No thing could ever be
lest it be known by Three.
And known is everything!
Creator God creating;
life is celebrating!

Silence in the hills--
the eyes can hear the thrills!
O join the celebration
and know ye pure elation!

Exciting indeed!  For there is one thing that must be done, (and, for some, it takes great effort!) one must often get alone with God somewhere where there is NOTHING to distract.  Though the trip was quick and the week was quite busy, the night spent in those Kentucky hills was quite refreshing.
Thanks Pam.
Thank You, Father God!

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