Thursday, October 8, 2015

The Building

In a very old part of town there stands an unassuming building.  Something happens there every day, but it is best known for what goes on there on certain days...

Traffic going by...the building stands;
almost as if it's holding out its hands;
reaching unto all that passes by...
but will He let the living building die?

That which once was vibrant and anew
now is but an item in the view?
The building, though, continues to invite...
o come into the building...SEE THE LIGHT!

O but come into the building so alive!
God, He celebrates as you arrive!
He welcomes you as if you've long been lost;
yes, for YOU He has paid the dearest cost!

Traffic going by...and life abounds.
Jesus Christ--He is the sights and sounds!
Therefore, the building, it remains so living,
due those within, so loving and so living!

Do you know where that building is?  You probably drive by it every day.  How very fortunate, however, are them that stop by and become part of the very life that it is!!

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