Saturday, October 10, 2015


Early in the Sanctuary.  Two people present.  One with a pen, and one with a collar...

Watching him, the service to prepare.

Every element be done with care;
each utensil in its proper place;
so alive--the glory and the grace!

Is it only that I'm watching 'one?'
Does it matter that he is my son?
Called into the service and ordained?
The heart of God, there, in that man, contained!

Touched already by the service here.
"Train up a child..." full-circle and so clear!
God Most High inside this holy place--
in my son--and due alone God's grace!

To everyone reading this: PRAY FOR YOUR CHILDREN!!  No matter how young they are, God honors those prayers!  Debby & I had no idea what they would become, but we've prayed for our kids from even before they were born!  And God, faithful God, heard and answered those prayers!  And you know what?  We STILL pray for them!  They are such a blessing, and God is ever-faithful!

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