Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Perfect care

What is it like to be cared for by Someone Who is "perfect?"  Well, one thing you will never hear is "I'll love you more if you will ____________"

"I know You care for all the cares

affecting such as we,
but of the 'insignificant,'
o God, how do You see?
We put such import on this life
and what amounts to naught;
I'd rather spend it on Your heart
and all that You have got!

There is so much that's happening

to everyone at all.
Can I affect, Lord, anyone
and so enhance Your Call?
Is that why they are on my heart
as I go through the day?
O touch them in the things I do
and in the things I say!

You are God--so caring and
so loving unto all!
And You are God--so merciful,
so hearing of each call!
There's no one 'insignificant,' Lord,
in Your perfect sight;
and each of us containing worth
as, in You, we delight!"

God is so perfect and so caring.

You may be thinking otherwise as you read these may think completely opposite as you go about your day...but I promise you, God loves you more than anyone or anything else does!  He does not base that love on how good or bad you are...what you have or have not done...His love is perfect, and it's almost impossible for us to understand!  For we must only accept it and live in it!  He will do the rest.

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