Monday, October 19, 2015


Once again, the yearly dilemma of a writer: how many colors has Father God used to change the season.  How many shades are there to autumn?  How many dare ask Him?

The glory once again appearing

in the massive view!
Wonder be developing
in the depth of hue!
From the crest of Mtn. Home
the hills roll on and on...
the handiwork of Father God,
this morn to rest upon!

Stop!  Today will happen later.

Take a moment now
for to behold His glory--make
your schedule allow!
is the vision of
the very moving of His hand--
He does so out of love!

Autumn...what a gift from God

to any who accept!
Just look ye out across the land
and see where He has stepped!
Give Him glory for the glory
flowing from His hand;
He is worthy of all praise
arising from the land!

God is so good.  God is so artistic.  God is so ___________!!  There is no way this side of Heaven for the writer to accurately fill in that blank.  I must only thank Him for it and revel in it.

Join me, won't you?

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