Saturday, October 24, 2015


So thankful for God!
He is always available.  No matter what time of day.
He will never move away.  Even though friends and family may relocate, Jesus is ALWAYS with you!
Even when we go through times of not hearing from loved ones, Jesus understands us...cares about it...listens to us...and responds.

So many that we love so much
seem oh so far away.
We know that we shall see them, but
so distant seems that day!
The telephone suffices some,
but not like face-to-face;
Jesus knows this and allows us
to partake of grace.
Jesus understands and He
is always at our side,
especially when loneliness
may seem intensified!
He knows our each emotion and
He knows just what to do;
He is a Friend at all times and
His friendship is so true!

Loved ones near and far, but He
puts others in my life
to join me as I celebrate
or strengthen me in strife!
Jesus--great and mighty God--
the most concerned also;
He knows my life completely and
He will not EVER go!

You may think that you are alone there.  Even as you read these words, I know that some of you are having these very feelings.  Try not to let them take root!!  Jesus is right there and waiting to hear you.  He wants to listen.  He wants to be with you.
Please let Him.

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