Friday, October 9, 2015

Living Rite!

Early in the House.
The servants are busy preparing for the crowds.
The staff has already joined hands and spent time in necessary preparation there...then there is something striking: as the candles are lit on each side of the elements, the words flow...

Life between the candle lights:
the Body and the Blood.
Living symbols of The Living--
step into the flood!
Jesus--so alive as we
partake of Him, and oft;
the constancy of Christ the Light:

Jesus Christ the living Light--
the Body and the blood!
O throw yourself into His grace
and step into the flood!

The holy rite of Communion.  Don't let the ritual of it lose its life and become mere 'ritual!'  Know it as the Life that it is and take it often with the awe and spectacle that it contains.  The awe and spectacle that Jesus Christ, the LIVING Lord, is!


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