Sunday, October 18, 2015

Jesus. The ONLY Way!

Jesus is...the Truth, the Life, the Way.
And He is that "life" in truth and love!  Truth and love...multiplicity! 
Walk in TRUTH.
LOVE one another.
Go, make disciples!

Jesus!  Jesus Christ, and only
Jesus--God's Own Son!
Following and loving Him
affirms His will be done!
He is the Truth, the Life, the Way--
Jesus, He is all and He'll be
for eternity!

Jesus, Jesus--all for Jesus
and for Him alone!
You call that "intolerance?"
O tell that to The Throne!!
For there are things men practice just
because it is their "right,"
But God Himself calls it "immoral!"
And He's ALWAYS right!

Jesus, Jesus--there are things
He will not tolerate.
He loves you, but there is a day
this life to compensate.
His mercy and His grace abound
before that awesome day,
with every opportunity
to choose Him as your Way!

Jesus.  Merciful Jesus!  No matter your station or belief, He loves you!  He wants your belief to be in Him as Savior.  So many "other" ways abound, and more and more each day.  That's why He gives you so much time to turn to Him.
Today is a wonderful day to proclaim Him as your Savior!  It is impossible for us to know just how many more opportunities we have.

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