Thursday, October 22, 2015

It happened again!

I was in a restaurant today and was part of something beautiful.  A lady tapped me on the shoulder, handed me some money and asked if I would use it to pay for a family she saw in line once she left!

How wonderful to care for someone
based on 'need' alone;
to reach out with a helping hand
to one who is unknown.
I see it more and more as I
would stealthily observe--
more and more become we just
like Christ Who came to serve!
I see it in so many who
will give until it hurts;
other hearts think not at all
what may be 'just desserts!'
'Genuine' is visible,
and beautiful also!
'Genuine' meets the pressing need,
(and some we may not know!)

Wonderful to serve...
wonderful to care...
wonderful is Jesus Christ;
His life--our works to bear!

In spite of the news we hear each day, there is still 'good' in the world, and God is still moving.  How wonderful His moves are when we allow Him to break out of the box we put Him in!

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