Wednesday, October 7, 2015

I run to You!

Life can pursue you and overtake you...if you let it!
There is so much going on in this life that we can get involved in...and even that increases daily!  There is so much in this life that we can get involved in...without even trying!
Ah, but I know a place to go.  He is my Escape..

"I run, O God my King, I run
unto Your arms so wide!
You take me in and shelter me,
for I am safe inside;
You show to me the path of life,
the same do You ordain;
You will not ever leave me, Lord,
regardless of the pain!

I run to You, my living God,
and You supply my need!
Beside You is my great assurance
nothing shall impede!
Not a thing shall take my life,
You number all my days;
though "things," they will affect my life,
You evermore amaze!

I run to You!  My heart is glad,
my glory to rejoice!
In the shelter that You are,
o God, I raise my voice!
And so will I forever as
I join You in that Place
where YOU provide security
due Your amazing grace!

I run to You.  For in You is
protection evermore.
You love this man forever, Lord,
and my soul You adore!"

Don't forget about Jesus!  He is that Rock and Refuge that this world cannot touch.  Escape to Him often!


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